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Scheduling An Appointment With Us Soon? Here Are Some Tips!

Are you eager to have your fireplace maintenance taken care of? Well, our experienced and professional team is here to help! If you are considering scheduling an appointment with our crew, follow these guidelines to ensure a fast and smooth appointment. We are ready and eager to provide you with the care you need!

Book Your Slot EarlyChimney Maintenance

When it comes to basic chimney maintenance, the sooner you book a time slot, the better off you will be. Our busy season starts in fall and goes through winter, so finding an opening will be more of a challenge around then. If you wait, you may have to settle for an appointment time that is not as convenient for your schedule.

Booking earlier in the year is also beneficial for addressing any repairs. The spring and summer months yield more ideal weather and temperatures for our products to cure. For the best results possible, you are better off scheduling repairs right now.

Don’t wait. Get the time slot you are hoping for by giving our CSIA certified crew a call now.

Prep Your Appliance

For wood-burning unit servicing, please clear out all ashes prior to our visit. This will help the appointment go quicker and smoother, and it ensures less of a mess, as well. This is one step we, as sweeps, really appreciate!

Along with this, it is important to not use the appliance for at least 24 hours before the time of the appointment. This guarantees the fireplace, stove, or insert is completely cooled down before we get to it, ensuring a safer sweep.

Safely Stash Your Belongings

We ask for a five or six-foot clearance around the fireplace, so please clear away any furniture or belongings before we arrive. The more space we have to work, the quicker and more efficiently we can get the job done.

Relax & Enjoy Unmatched Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to chimney and fireplace care in and around Tullahoma, there is no team that will match our skills, and we always desire to bring you the best care possible. We will thoroughly inspect your system and, should we find any problems along the way, we can get them addressed and resolved in no time.

Whether you need crumbling masonry repaired, a leak fixed, or specific chimney parts replaced, we are equipped to handle it all. If you are looking to keep your chimney and fireplace healthy and safer for regular use for years to come, count on our team today. It’s the right choice to make!