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Why Now Is the Time for a Chimney Inspection

Lighting a fire under yourself to accomplish spring cleaning is a great way to clear out a whole year of accumulated dust and clutter. While you’re at it, now is the time for a chimney inspection, too. You’ll get more than the satisfaction of cleanliness because a chimney inspection helps ensure fire safety in winter. If any repairs are needed, you’ll have plenty of time to get them done before the weather gets cold. Below, learn more about why spring is the best time for a chimney inspection.

Professional Chimney Inspection Service in Madison ALAvoid Unpleasant Odors + More

It won’t do to spiff up your home in spring only to have bad odors emitting from the fireplace. The humidity in summer can cause creosote buildup in the chimney to stink up your fireplace. Creosote is a sooty, tar-like combustion byproduct of wood fires. Summer heat + moisture + creosote equals trouble by way of odors and potential damage to your chimney liner. Creosote is acidic in nature and mixed with moisture, it can eat through the chimney liner. That’s a lot worse than a bad smell. A damaged chimney flue can result in carbon monoxide exposure and pyrolysis, which causes house fires.

Save Money During the Holidays

If you look ahead to the burning season, think about all the expense that goes along with it. The holiday season stretches from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, and it usually puts a strain on finances. If you schedule a chimney cleaning and a chimney inspection in spring, the giving season will be that much less of a financial stretch. So, can you see why now is the time for a chimney inspection?

Something May Need Fixing

There’s another way annual chimney inspections provide a great strategy for saving money. Chimney problems are common. They also get worse the longer they continue to go undiscovered. Anytime you can catch a chimney problem early, the savings are significant. Moisture, for example, is Enemy Number One. Moisture gets in through deteriorating components, all of which start out helping with the fight. If the chimney crown develops a little crack, for example, you can either get the crack fixed or the chimney partially rebuilt because of moisture intrusion.

Beat the Rush

When fall rolls around, the heat is on for chimney sweeps! Procrastination is the name of the game for a lot of people when it comes to thinking about chimney care. The cool weather is the signal for most people to schedule a chimney inspection. Chimney sweeps suddenly get a fire lit under them to keep up with all the work inspecting, cleaning, and repairing chimneys before winter.

Chimney Sweeping and Inspection in Winchester TN

You are definitely more likely to schedule a chimney inspection at a time convenient for you if you choose spring as the time to get a chimney inspection.

Call A-1 Now for a Chimney Inspection

Most chimney sweeps will tell you that, truly, now is the time for a chimney inspection and sweeping. Fire safety specialists all agree that chimneys should be inspected every year. And spring is best for all the above reasons and more (like peace of mind).

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