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3 Important Things For Your Fireplace in Summer

A fireplace can maintain its viability year-round just by being the charming structure that it is. If you have an electric unit, you can use your fireplace in the summer to your heart’s content. It doesn’t need to be a bother since you can enjoy the faux fire with or without the heat and there’s no chimney draft to worry about. Three practical things you can do with your masonry fireplace during the off-season are below including information regarding whether you can use your fireplace for fires in the summer.

smoky fireplace, huntsville al1-Avoid Draft Problems

Have a hankering to crank up the A/C and build a fire in your fireplace in the summer? It is not usually feasible to do that. For a fireplace updraft to effectively remove combustion fumes from your home, a temperature differential is needed. If the outside air is warm, the draft is unlikely to work properly. Instead, smoke from the fireplace will billow into the room.

If you want to use your fireplace but you are unsure about the draft, try an easy test:

  • Create a torch using a newspaper.
  • Light the end of the torch and hold it up through the open damper to the throat of the chimney.
  • If the smoke fails to go up the chimney, you know there is a poor chimney draft.
    (Remember, electric fireplaces are perfect in the summertime!)

2-Make Sure Winter Fires Will be Safe

Wood-burning fireplaces result in creosote buildup in the chimney. Creosote is highly flammable and increases the chances of a chimney fire. Thousands of devastating home fires are caused by chimney fires each year. Schedule a chimney inspection in the summer to determine the condition of your fireplace and chimney. If creosote buildup is discovered, schedule chimney cleaning, as well.

chimney cleaning experts, sewanee TN

Creosote buildup occurs inside chimney flues, which are subject to damage. If a chimney flue has even a tiny crack, your home and family are at risk. When there is a breach in the flue lining, there is an increased risk of a home fire. In addition, occupants of the home could be endangered by exposure to deadly carbon monoxide. If it is deemed necessary by your chimney sweep professional, ask for a Level 2 chimney inspection, which includes the use of a video that checks the condition of the flue lining from top to bottom.

If damage to the flue is discovered, chimney liner repair or replacement is a must. It is dangerous to use your fireplace if the flue is not intact.


Take care of any chimney liner issues while it is still summer—it will likely save you money compared to waiting for the coming fall, which is a much busier season for qualified chimney sweeps.

3-Get Prepared to Enjoy Your Fireplace

Is it important that you don’t miss opportunities to use your fireplace on cold days in winter? If so, schedule any needed chimney repairs in the summer. The off-season is an excellent time to take care of chimney maintenance. Repairs are often needed because chimney systems are highly vulnerable to destructive moisture intrusion. Warm summer weather is the best time for masonry repairs because the materials used will set properly. Note: If masonry repairs are performed in winter, it is more costly, the work is more painstaking, and the results lack the same level of durability.

Schedule Chimney Services with A1 Chimney Specialist Today

We encourage homeowners to schedule chimney inspections and repairs in the summer. Our technicians are certified chimney professionals. We can help ensure that your fireplace is in tip-top condition.

Set up a time for a chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, chimney maintenance and repair, masonry rebuilds, chimney crown repair, flashing repair, and more. A1 Chimney Specialist is here to help! Give us a call at 931-967-3595 in Tennessee or 256-285-4895 in Alabama to schedule an appointment!