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5 Step Technique for Sustaining a Fire All Night

It’s almost fireplace weather, and we have techniques for sustaining a cozy fire throughout the night to share with you. Always remember that a fire must be attended at all times. With that in mind, check out the tips below for safely enjoying a sustained fire that can last all night long.

professional chimney inspections in Monteagle TNFireplace & Chimney Inspection and Cleaning

Leading fire safety experts agree that chimneys should be inspected annually. Chimney cleaning may be needed less frequently, depending on how often you’ve burned wood fires since the last time creosote was removed.

Once a qualified chimney sweep has inspected your fireplace and chimney, some repairs may be needed. This is normal because masonry is susceptible to moisture damage. Chimneys are affected by all types of harsh outdoor conditions. If cracks develop, for example, masonry repairs become necessary. Get a thumbs up from a Certified Chimney Professional® that necessary repairs are completed and your fireplace is operating properly. You can then get on with our recommended techniques for sustaining a cozy fire throughout the night.

Gather Supplies

All you need for a fire that you burn all night in your fireplace is:

  • Seasoned wood, which means it has a content below 25%
  • Tinder, such as shaved bark, leaves, or newspaper
  • Kindling, such as small, dry twigs or cedar bark
  • Matches
  • Fireplace screen

Prep the Fireplace

The ashes in the fireplace should be cleaned out, but only if the wood, embers, and coals from the last fire have fully cooled.

  • Beware: It is vital to dispose of ashes properly. Use a fireplace shovel to place the ashes in a metal bucket with a metal lid. Take the bucket outside and away from combustible materials. Ash can be flammable for a remarkably long time after a fire has gone out.

Next, open the damper to determine if the fireplace needs priming. Sometimes a cold column of air will prevent fireplace fumes from going up and out through the chimney. Do a test by lighting a match up toward the damper, blowing it out, and watching to see if the smoke goes up the chimney or in the room.

As needed, dispel the cold air in the chimney by creating a newspaper torch. Carefully light the torch and hold it up towards the damper. If it’s icy cold outside, steps to prime the chimney may need to be repeated.

Layer and Light the Tinder, Kindling, and Wood

Place tinder on the fireplace grate first, followed by kindling and then wood that is arm’s length and about as thick as your wrist. Stack the wood in a way that allows for plenty of air. Add a small log next. Light the tinder. When the fire is going strong, larger logs can be added.

fireplace tips in manchester tnNurse the Fire Along

Your fire will be able to burn all night as long as you add logs when others burn down. Reignite the fire with balls of newspaper, as needed, and build back up with small logs before adding more large pieces of wood.

Trust A-1 Chimney Specialist for Prep of Your Chimney and Fireplace

Here are some fundamentals to go with our techniques for sustaining a cozy fire throughout the night:

  • A-1 Chimney Specialist has professional chimney sweeps for chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, and repairs; and
  • Oxygen, heat, and fuel aka the fire triangle lets you know the requirements for every fire. Without any one of them, your fire will be extinguished.

For all your chimney and fireplace needs, call us at 931-967-3595 (in Tennessee) or 256-285-4895 (in Alabama). You can also reach us by completing our online contact form.