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Spring Is The Perfect Time For Chimney Repairs

Has your chimney sustained some wear and tear over these last winter months? Between the holidays and lots of freezing cold evenings, we’re sure you put it to a lot of use! Now that temperatures are rising, most homeowners find themselves building fires less and less, and soon, your chimney likely won’t see any more action until fall comes back around.Spring is the Time for Chimney Repairs - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney Specialist

Many put little thought into ending their burning season. They simply stop using their fireplace, then wait until fall to schedule their annual maintenance. We know this because, once cold weather starts to come back, we get plenty of phone calls and other inquiries! We love that so many homeowners in the area invest in maintenance before their burning season begins again, but why wait until fall?

If you’re done with your fireplace for the season, call us now to schedule your inspection so you can get it done early. There are countless benefits to scheduling your maintenance in the springtime, so why waste any more time? Count on the CSIA-certified crew at A-1 Chimney Specialist today!

Working In Warmer Weather

Warmer weather is ideal for patching up cracks, holes, and crumbling masonry. The materials we use for this type of work need time to properly cure in a certain temperature range that allows this to occur with no other hiccups. Your repair jobs are guaranteed to look better and last longer, should you have our techs come out to your house this spring.

Along with this, warmer weather is perfect for certain services, such as waterproofing. If you know anything about water and your masonry, then you know the two don’t make a good pair! When water gets absorbed into your brickwork, it causes rust, clogs, decay, and a variety of other problems. Those issues, combined with the freeze-thaw process, can really take a toll on your entire system.

Avoid water damage and other deterioration by investing in waterproofing from the very start. Our team of experts can get the job done right, using products that both protect your masonry and allow it the opportunity to breathe and vent out vapors. Give us a call today, so we can help you out!

Making Your Life Easier

On top of it all, scheduling now makes life less stressful down the line. Fall can be a busy time of year for both our chimney company and the community members we serve, making scheduling a bit of a struggle at times. We want to visit your home as soon as possible in the event that you need immediate repairs, but when slots fill up fast, this can be a challenge.

Let’s say we fit you in easily for your annual inspection, then notice repairs are needed before your burning season can begin. You’re forced to go through the scheduling process once again, and if we aren’t able to meet with you right away, you won’t be using your fireplace for quite some time!

Don’t put it off. Once fall comes around, you’ll be happy this maintenance is off your to-do list! Call us in now!

National Fire Prevention Week: Oct. 8-14

Are you looking for a good way to learn about fireplace maintenance and spread the word about fire safety? Well, we have great news for you! National Fire Prevention Week is coming up! That’s right – from Oct. 8th to Oct. 14 you can take advantage of countless opportunities to educate yourself, your family, and your friends all about how to prevent fires and stay protected should one occur within your household.National Fire Prevention Week - Tullahoma TN - A1 Chimney Specialist

At A-1 Chimney Specialist, we always look forward to weeks like this one. After all, fireplaces are our passion, and we want to ensure our customers stay as safe as possible all year long. Learn more about this event below, and be sure to spread the word to co-workers, friends on social media, neighbors, and more!

What’s This Year’s Theme?

If you’ve participated in NPW in the past, then you know there’s always a theme. This year is all about getting out of your home safely – Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out! The National Fire Prevention Association is offering some great tips for keeping your home and family safer in the event of fire. Since there’s not a lot of time to think in this dangerous situation, planning ahead is key! Learn more below.

First off, it’s important to create potential escape routes and make sure everyone in the home is aware of them. If one is blocked, there should be a backup route in place. This way, family members won’t have to stop and think of where to go (wasting valuable seconds necessary for safely getting out). It’s also a great idea to run practice drills to ensure your children are as prepared as possible and can easily escape if they don’t have an adult nearby to help them.

Another tip is to close doors as you exit rooms. This helps to keep the fire contained, allowing more time for people to get out of the establishment. It also keeps smoke from spreading around the area and slowing loved ones down.

Help firefighters out by making sure your house number is clearly visible. The sooner they get there and address the flames, the better. Also, in the event of fire, once you’re out of the home, stay put and stay safe! Never re-enter a burning building.

Are Products Available For FPW?

Yes! By visiting the NFPA’s website, you can see tons of great products that help raise awareness and spread the word about this event. Hats, pencils, stickers, magnets… The list of supplies goes on and on! Whatever your interests are, there is something for you, and you can even buy in bulk to get a better rate. But order fast because October 8 is coming up quick!

Need An Inspection?

If you’re ready to keep your home and family safer, count on us to inspect, sweep, and maintain your chimney. We are eager to continue serving the area, and our CSIA certified staff is the team to trust! Call A1 Chimney Specialist today!

Importance Of Burning Seasoned Wood

If you’ve built fires in the past, you may have heard that it’s best to use only seasoned wood. Many have been told this fact, but know little about why it is recommended. Well, wood naturally contains a good amount of water. If you use fresh wood, your fire will have to burn through all of that moisture before it can get to the wood itself.Importance Of Burning Seasoned Wood - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney

While this may not seem like a huge deal, it can wind up causing a lot more damage than you think. All of that acidic water ends up in your chimney, causing decay and creosote accumulation, and you’ll waste a ton of energy, as well. On top of this, you’ll notice less heat distributed into your home, and it makes the whole overall process of building and maintaining a fire much less efficient.

Purchase seasoned wood or store your own so that you get better results every time. Wood that has been adequately dried out will show a much lower moisture content and will be a whole lot easier to burn. You’ll see less smoke, less buildup, and you’ll have a much easier time building and maintaining fires throughout your burning season.

How Do I Know If Wood Is Seasoned?

If you’re storing your own wood, there are some surefire methods to ensuring your fuel dries out properly. First off, you’ll want to store your wood for 6 months to a year (at least) before use. Split the ends for better results, and be sure to store the pile off of the ground and in a spot where it will get exposed to lots of sunshine.

If you’re purchasing wood, there are some things to keep in mind when selecting the best logs. Seasoned wood will be lightweight, dark in color, split at the ends, and will make a hollow, clunking noise when smacked together. Fresher wood will be heavier, lighter in color, and will sound more “thud”-like when you hit it.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Burning Fresh Wood?

If you have been ignoring the rule of burning seasoned wood, worry not. It’s never too late to switch up old habits. Once you start investing in better quality fuel, we know you’ll be much happier with your end results.

Annual inspections are vital for maintaining chimney health and, if you’ve been burning unseasoned wood, you would be wise to schedule an extra one, just in case. When it comes to the safety and health of your home and family, every extra step is well worth it!

Call Us In For Your Regular Maintenance

If you’re worried about the state of your fireplace and/or chimney, give us a call. Our CSIA-certified staff can get you taken care of in no time! Should you need a sweeping, we can handle that, too. We are more than qualified to take on any repairs that we spot along the way.

For chimney care in Tullahoma, there’s nowhere better to turn. Give us a call today!

Summer Is The Best Time For Annual Inspections

Are you in the habit of putting off your chimney inspection until fall? Homeowners with fireplaces know the importance of yearly inspections, but many opt to have this service done closer to winter time. At A-1 Chimney Specialist, we are urging you to give us a call now and get this service out of the way. Why? Learn more below!Summer Is The Best Time For Annual Inspections - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney

Keeping It Convenient

One of the biggest benefits for early chimney inspections is the flexibility you’ll gain in scheduling. Most of our customers have specific time frames in mind when it comes to making an appointment. Between work, family, and other engagements, there may only be a handful of slots that work for you. We want to accommodate as best as we can, but when we get busy, this isn’t always an option.

Throughout fall and winter, our books fill up fast. If you want to ensure you get a specific time slot, we suggest booking an appointment with us this summer. We have a lot less going on, and you’ll beat the rush, giving you a wider range of dates and times to choose from. Not to mention, it’ll be one less thing on your to-do list this fall!

Getting Repairs Done Fast

As we’ve mentioned, scheduling anything in the fall can be a challenge. If we get your inspection done, then discover some necessary repairs, you’re left trying to arrange another appointment in an already hectic season. This may mean putting off fireplace use for quite some time, despite dropping temperatures and upcoming holidays.

We don’t want you to miss out on the warmth and welcoming aesthetic that a fireplace has to offer. Make sure your system is ready and safer for regular use by getting that inspection done early! This will give us adequate time to come back later and get repairs done during a time where your fireplace is typically out of use, anyway. Then, when cooler weather comes, you will be ready to go – much less stressful!

Safer And More Efficient Work

On top of everything, working with chimneys in the summertime often yields better results, and it keeps our staff safer, too. The temperature range is ideal for allowing certain materials to cure, and there will be a lower chance of new mishaps in the near future. When we provide a service, we aren’t looking to give you a temporary fix… we want to leave you with results that will last!

And our staff appreciates summertime work, too! As the weather gets cold and ice forms, roofs become a dangerous spot to be. We do everything to keep our sweeps as safe as possible, but that doesn’t mean accidents don’t happen! By scheduling your appointment now, you’re helping us keep our workers injury-free and able to help you out all year long. And we appreciate that!

Pick Up The Phone

Why waste any more time? There are countless advantages to getting your inspection done now, and you’ll be happy it’s completed when fall and winter roll around. Give us a call today, so we can get your chimney ready for regular use!

Is Your Chimney Sweep CSIA Certified?

When it comes to chimney care, many do not know how often they should schedule maintenance. If you rarely use your chimney, getting a regular inspection may not seem important, but this is far from the truth. Nests or other debris can quickly build up and cause blockages, making it dangerous to use. To ensure that everything is safe for use, it is recommended to get your fireplace inspected and cleaned at least once per year and, if you use your chimney quite often, scheduling an extra cleaning is ideal.

Not only do these inspections help maintain the appearance and functionality of your chimney and fireplace, they also work to ensure that your family stays safe.

Hire An ExpertIs Your Chimney Sweep CSIA Certified - Estill Springs Tennessee - A-1 Chimney Specialist

When hiring a chimney sweep, you will want be certain that they are reliable and trustworthy. While exploring different options, be sure to check that the employees have their CSIA certification. Staying up-to-date on current processes and procedures is important in chimney maintenance, and a CSIA certification means that the business you are hiring is current on any new codes or procedures. They are trained to know whether or not harmful toxins may be escaping into your home and can advise on how to look out for fire hazards.

On top of all of this, CSIA certification requires regular updates to stay valid, meaning your sweep will be going back in for regular schooling regarding chimney care and maintenance. Knowing the latest information is essential in keeping a chimney safe for use and preventing any possible occurrence of a fire. It shows that the business you are working with takes pride in staying as informed as possible on all things chimney-related.

CSIA Dedication To ExcellenceIs Your Chimney Sweep CSIA Certified - Estill Springs TN - A-1 Chimney Specialist

The CSIA was put in place to ensure that families and homes remained safe and that the cozy atmosphere offered by a fireplace could always be enjoyed. By educating themselves and others on fireplace safety and maintenance, they are helping to save lives and produce higher levels of service. Companies that get their employees CSIA certified show that they are committed to being the best and that they aim to provide the top-notch service for their customers.

Research shows that thousands upon thousands of house fires occur per year, causing hundreds of deaths and thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that all parts of your home are safe for use and will not cause harm to your home or those residing in it. Hiring a CSIA professional will offer you peace of mind and will ensure that your fireplace is safe for use and in the best condition possible.

At A-1 Chimney Specialist we value the importance of CSIA certification and realize the necessity of staying current on all of the latest fireplace news. Regulations change year after year and we make it a priority to stay current on all of them. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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