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Fire Prevention Week 2018

Back in October of 1871, the Great Chicago Fire destroyed thousands of homes, left a huge portion of the city homeless, and took the lives of hundreds. This devastating damage serves as afire reminder of how important fire safety and education truly is, which is why in 1925, Fire Prevention Week became a national observance that we acknowledge with every passing October.

What This Year’s Theme?

If you’ve participated in Fire Prevention Week in the past, then you are likely aware that each year comes with its own theme. This year’s theme? “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.” This encourages homeowners to look for potential fire hazards everywhere they go, listen for alarms that could indicate a fire has occurred, and to learn of at least two exits from every room they’re in. All of these small steps can make a big difference when it comes to staying safer!

This theme also encourages general awareness of how dangerous fires are and serves as a reminder that the possibility of one occurring is always there. It may seem like it couldn’t happen to you, but thousands are affected every single year, and there’s no denying the risk of injury or extensive home damage should one fall victim.

Join the NFPA this year by spreading the word. Post online, organize community events, and share the fact sheets that the NFPA has provided on their website. They offer some great sources for information and ideas, so check them out today, then get to work! With all of us pitching in together, we can make a big difference in our neighborhoods.

The Facts About House Fires

In just four short years between 2011 and 2015, fire departments across the United States responded to well over 350,000 home structure fires. That averages out to nearly 88,000 per year! It’s time we work together to encourage a drop in these numbers, which is why staying up-to-date and educated on fire safety is so essential.

As you can imagine, these fires resulted in countless injuries and thousands of deaths. Fires are preventable, so let’s review some facts to ensure your household stays as safe as possible, especially with the holidays and cooler weather coming up so quickly.

First of all, investing in smoke detectors is a must, as these are often the fire indicators that trouble is amiss. We also encourage everyone to plan and practice escape routes from the various rooms of their home. Always remember – once you are safely out of your home, never re-enter a burning building for any reason.

Then, work with us to ensure your fireplace and dryer vents are thoroughly inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. The CSIA advises that homeowners invest in at least one inspection per year for both of these appliances, which will minimize the risk of house fires significantly. Anything from a damaged interior to creosote build-up to clogs in the system and more can trigger a fire, so schedule your maintenance now before your burning season kicks off.

Trust in the best by working with us. We’re ready for your call.

Why Hiring A CSIA Certified Technician Is Important

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to spread awareness on the importance of regular fireplace and chimney maintenance. That’s why this organization works so hard to train, certify, and continuously educate sweeps all across the country! The CSIA is nationally recognized and holds the standard as far as chimney education.Hiring A CSIA Certified Tech Is Important - Tullahoma TN - A-1 Chimney Specialist

Any chimney company that staffs CSIA certified sweeps and technicians is one you know you can depend on for quality service. That’s why we at A-1 Chimney Specialist are proud to hold and maintain these certifications year after year.

Count On Us For Chimney Inspections

One thing the CSIA promotes is the importance of annual chimney inspections. A qualified expert will look at all parts of your system and ensure no cleanings, repairs, or other maintenance is necessary. Should they spot an issue, they can point you in the right directions as far as getting back into tip top shape as soon as possible.

Whether you’re up for your yearly inspection or you notice something suspicious about how your appliance is running, we can help you out! Count on our certified staff today to do a thorough overview of your entire fireplace. Then, rest easy knowing your home and family are safer any time you light a fire.

We Know NFPA Codes

Another highly recognized corporation is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The CSIA ensures that all certified techs know the proper NFPA codes necessary to do any job with accuracy and expertise. Sweeps are required to study this material and take an exam to ensure they know all of the ins and outs before earning any certifications.

Continuing Education

One of the best parts about the CSIA certification is that the sweeps are required to renew it every few years. This means that, should any codings, regulations, or techniques be modified or updated, they will definitely know about it! It also helps ensure that these professionals stay on top of their game with every passing year. When you hire a CSIA certified sweep, you’re getting the best of the best!

Trust Us

For quality and care you won’t find anywhere else, you can count on the experts at A-1 Chimney Specialist. We stay up-to-date and informed on all of the latest practices, so we can serve our customer base to the best of our ability – every time! And with our long list of services, repairs, and more, there’s nothing we can’t help you with when it comes to the health of your chimney or dryer vent.

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