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The Importance Of Annual Service

Have you invested in your annual chimney and fireplace maintenance yet? With the holidays behind us, now is the perfect time. It’s very important to ensure your fireplace and chimney is clean in order to keep your home and family safe. Invest on fireplace care with the team at A-1 Chimney Specialist today!

Benefits Of A Chimney Inspection

chimney inspection huntsville, alEvery homeowner should invest in a chimney inspection with a CSIA certified sweep at least once a year. There are three levels of inspections, and each of them has its own benefits. The condition of your chimney determines which level of inspection you will need.

  • Level One Inspection – A level one inspection is the most basic. If you regularly keep up with your maintenance and don’t put your system through any major changes, a level one is all your chimney will need. With a level one inspection, it consist of looking over all of the readily accessible parts of your chimney. This also means checking for damages, clogs, or creosote accumulation. After inspection is done, you can rest easy knowing your fireplace is safe and ready for use! However, if we found that your chimney need repairs, we can also help with that too!
  • Level Two Inspection – If you’ve just moved into a new home or if your system has went through major reconstruction over the last year, then you’ll want to invest in a level two inspection. These are a bit more in-depth, and the sweep use a video camera to examine every nook and cranny. You’ll also want to get a level two inspection if you’ve experienced catastrophe such as a chimney fire, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado.
  • Level Three Inspection – A level three inspection is only used in rare cases. When parts of the chimney or fireplace need to be removed in order to get an accurate assessment, this is level three inspection.

No matter which level you need this winter, your fireplace, friends, and family will thank you for getting an inspection! We’re the team to trust with your fireplace and chimney, call us today to protect your home and loved ones!

Why Are Sweepings Necessary?

At times, an inspection may lead to a sweeping. You will need a chimney sweep when excess creosote or obstructions are spotted in your chimney. For a chimney sweeping, professionals will use proper tools and techniques to remove evidence of dangerous and flammable creosote. This lowers your risk of experiencing a chimney fire significantly.

Along with this, removing clogs and blockages ensure proper airflow. It also gives you the best experience of lighting fires this holiday. This minimizes the risk of carbon monoxide exposure, as all dangerous fumes are given clear pathways to escape. Ready to get your maintenance on the books? Give our qualified staff a call today.