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What Kind of Tools do Chimney Techs Use?

For most homeowners, chimneys are a rarely thought-of component of their home’s structure until something goes wrong. Whether it’s a chimney damper that won’t open or a gas fireplace that won’t start, when something breaks with your fireplace you want to get it fixed ASAP. That’s when you’ll want to call A-1 Chimney Specialist for assistance. And, like every trades professional, our technicians have many different types of tools at their disposal. Here are the kind of tools our chimney techs use each day.

chimney cleaning, fayetteville tnA vacuum system

Next on our list of tools is a good vacuum system. This will allow for easy cleanup of collected creosote and other debris. Of course, we’re not talking about an off-the-shelf vacuum cleaner from your local retailer. Rather, these are heavy-duty, industrial-strength vacuums that have preventative measures in place to trap even the smallest particles.

Brushes and rods

First things first, a wire brush is probably the most essential tool in our toolkit. These are relatively inexpensive yet can handle any number of jobs from brushing away creosote to reaching tight and hard-to-reach places.

Beyond a basic brush, a chimney tech will also have other brushes like a smoke chamber brush, a polypropylene brush, and a long wire brush. Each of these has a designated purpose and will help your tech complete their job thoroughly.

In addition to these brushes, a chimney cleaning rod is a valuable addition to our inventory. The universal attachments of a cleaning rod allow any brush to connect to it. Once attached, your technician can reach those hard-to-access recesses of your chimney and flue.


Two types of cleaners that help tremendously in a tech toolkit are creosote cleaner and glass cleaner. Let’s address them one at a time.

First, creosote is a highly dangerous material. A heavy-duty cleaner is vital to removing all traces of it from your flue.

Next, your fireplace doors will eventually get dirty after months of use. A glass cleaner helps clean and leave them spot-free.

chimney camera inspection, sewanee tnOther items we will have on hand

There are a handful of other tools that our team will have at their disposal. First, an inspection camera is another invaluable addition to our arsenal. This aids us in completing a full, Level 2 inspection of the interior of your fireplace and chimney.

Next, we’ll frequently wear a face respirator as it will prevent the technician from breathing in mold and other often carcinogenic materials they encounter during a cleaning. Finally, we’ll keep various types of masonry materials for on-the-spot repairs on hand.

What kind of tools do chimney techs use? The list goes on

The items we listed above are just a handful of the types of tools a chimney tech will use every day. There are many more, and the typical homeowner would need a storage box full of them for a once-a-year task.

That’s why we’re more than happy to help with any of your chimney needs. Just contact our offices to get your appointment scheduled. Contact A-1 Chimney Specialist at 931-967-3595 (TN) or 256-285-4895 (AL). You can also send us an appointment request.