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What Makes A Good Chimney Crown?

Your chimney crown plays a big role in keeping your masonry safe. It helps send water away from the sides of your chimney so that it won’t soak into your brickwork and break down your system. It also plays a part in preventing things like the freeze/thaw process down the line, and it keeps your mortar in good condition too.

All in all, a strong and sturdy crown can do a lot for your structure. Unfortunately, many homeowners realize too late that their chimney crown is not built properly in the first place. In these cases, repair work or rebuilding is necessary. The team at A-1 Chimney Specialist is here to help! So, what makes a good chimney crown? Learn more below, then reach out to us today!

Sturdy Materials

Chimney Crown Huntsville AlabamaMost crowns were built from cheap mortar mixes, but they break down much quicker. Crowns that aren’t built from the appropriate materials simply will not stand the test of time. You’ll find yourself constantly needing to invest in repair work. This is one case where paying a little more for proper construction now will save you lots of money down the line! A good crown is built from a concrete and mesh/fiber mix. This ensures your crown is tough and strong, no matter the weather outside.

A Smooth Slope

The crown is supposed to send water out and away from the sides of your structure, so it should be sloped and smooth to ensure rain and snow can slide off easily. We’ve come across crowns that are flat, which isn’t very effective. In these scenarios, water simply pools on top and eventually wear things down prematurely.

Thick Dimensions & A Slight Overhang

Thickness is a key part of keeping your crown strong and stable for a long time. It should be at least two inches thick to keep it from crumbling, cracking, or breaking down. Along with this, it should hang slightly past the end of your chimney to ensure water doesn’t simply fall all over your brickwork, which would defeat the purpose of the crown altogether!

A Proper Seal

Sealing your crown with something strong yet vapor permeable will keep it safer over time. It also minimizes the risk of experiencing extensive water damage. Paints and cheap sealers from the hardware store are known to trap moisture inside, which only makes matters worse. However, our products guarantee you the protection you’re looking for while allowing the structure to breathe. Ask us about our waterproofing services today!

Not Sure Where You’re At?

Not sure what state your crown is in? Then it’s time for an inspection. Our team is CSIA certified and ready to help you out every step of the way. Schedule your appointment today to beat the fall rush!