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What to Do About Sparks Coming From Your Chimney

You or someone else on your property may have noticed sparks and embers exiting the top of your chimney while you’re using your fireplace. Or you may have seen small burnt particles on your roof or in the yard near the chimney. In either case, the situation needs to be addressed.

A1 Chimney Specialist of Winchester, TN, and Huntsville, AL, has the solution to this problem, but first here’s some background.

Why is this happening? Chimney Fire in Bedford, TN

Sparks and embers flying out of your chimney likely mean there’s some level of chimney fire happening. Some chimney fires are fairly small, and those sparks or burnt particles on the roof may be the only way you’ll know one has occurred.

A big, blazing chimney fire can destroy a home. But even smaller fires can begin doing serious damage to your chimney liner, interior chimney masonry and building materials of your home near the chimney.

What causes chimney fires?

The majority of chimney fires are started by creosote that ignites inside the flue. Creosote accumulates in your chimney every time you use your wood-burning fireplace.

Seen in a variety of forms including sticky, solid, puffy and flakey, creosote can be properly removed only by a trained chimney technician with the right tools and equipment. Fire-safety and hearth organizations throughout the U.S. recommend annual chimney sweeping to reduce the chances of a chimney fire.

Other signs that you’re having a chimney fire

In addition to sparks coming out of the top of your chimney, there are other signs of chimney fires you should be aware of:

  • Rumbling noises like a train in the distance
  • Odd clicking or tapping sounds
  • Excess dark smoke pouring from either end of the chimney

If you notice any of these signs, call 911 immediately. Never attempt to put out a fire in the chimney on your own. After making the call, extinguish the fire in the fireplace if you can do so safely. Then get all people and pets out of the house until the situation is under control.

Schedule a Chimney Inspection

In the aftermath of a chimney fire, before using your fireplace again, schedule a chimney inspection with a licensed chimney services company. Your inspector will determine the extent of any damage and tell you what kinds of repairs need to be done.

You also should schedule a thorough chimney cleaning to remove built-up creosote and any outside debris that may have found its way into your chimney. Many chimney inspectors also provide chimney sweep services.

Inspections and cleaning should happen once a year – whether or not you’ve had a chimney fire. It’s a simple preventative maintenance activity that can save your home and your life.

Chimney inspection in Madison County, ALChimney safety is our #1 job

At A1 Chimney Specialist, we work year-round to help our customers keep their chimneys clean, safe and operating at peak capacity. We provide the services you need including licensed chimney inspections, complete chimney cleaning and all manner of chimney repairs and rebuilding work.

If you live in the Winchester, TN, area, you can speak with a chimney expert by calling (931) 967-3595.

In and around Huntsville, AL, call (256) 285-4895. You also can reach us through our simple contact form.