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How To Know Which Cap Is Best For Your Chimney

Each component within your chimney system plays a vital role. However, there’s one in particular that, if it’s missing, is the equivalent of leaving your car windows down during a torrential downpour. We’re talking about your cap. Here’s how to know which cap is best for your chimney.

Custom Chimney Caps in Winchester, TNCap not crown

First, we want to clarify some terminology. A king or queen will indeed wear their crown on the top of their head. Likewise, your chimney crown sits atop where your masonry stops.

However, this isn’t where your chimney system stops. Sometimes, your flue will extend past your crown. Other times it will sit flush with it. In both cases, there’s another component at the very top: your cap. If you’re looking for a royalty analogy, think of that tiny ball that you typically see on the dead center of a king’s crown. Perhaps you could think of it as a crown jewel encased within the crown — just at the very top of it.

What role does a chimney cap play?

Does this make your chimney cap the crown jewel of your chimney system? Maybe. After all, your chimney cap plays a vital role in keeping things out of your flue. For example, some birds and rodents like to take up residence within an uncapped flue. The warm air that comes up from your fireplace makes a nice place for them to live in the colder months.

An uncapped crown will also let dirt and debris easily blow into your flue. Finally, a cap can act as a barrier against creosote or other embers that make their way up the flue. Think of it as a last line of defense to keeping your home safe from a fire. So perhaps, yes, this could be considered the crown jewel of your chimney — in function, if not form.

What cap options does a homeowner have?

Chimney caps come in all shapes and sizes. When working with your A1 Chimney Specialist technician, you’ll have quite a few choices to pick from.

First, chimney caps can come in both stainless steel and copper options. Second, some caps can be oval, others round, and others square. Third, there are a few choices when it comes to attaching it to your flue, including both exterior fasteners and slip-in alternatives.

How to know which cap is best for your chimney

With these various possibilities, how can you know which cap is best for your chimney? It is a mix of looking at the aesthetics of your home, the shape of your chimney, and its size. You don’t want to go with a cap that’s too small. One important note is that a chimney cap should always have some kind of mesh. It’s not meant to block the airflow, but rather to keep larger particles (and animals) from entering your flue.

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Are you unsure of which style of chimney you want to go with? If so, that’s why we’re here to help. Founded by Robert and Mariah Tubb in 2001, our team has helped hundreds of homeowners replace missing or broken caps. We can also assist with other chimney-related tasks, such as sweeps and inspections as well as general maintenance.

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