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Why Hire a Professional Fireplace Installer

Homeowners take pride in their homes. Many like to tackle home repair tasks or upgrades, such as installing new lighting fixtures or installing landscaping. While commendable, there are several arguments why fireplace and chimney work is best left to the experts. Here are six reasons why you should hire a professional for your fireplace installation.

professional fireplace installation, madison alIf the shoe fits…

“Wait, why are we talking about shoes?”

Fair question, so hear us out. Your foot goes into your shoe, correct? For that “connection” to happen, the shoe needs to be sized correctly and comfortable to walk on while lasting you for a long time.

Likewise, a professional technician from a firm such as A-1 Chimney Specialist will make certain that each fitting and connection are sized properly. As an extension of that, they’ll also make sure you have the correct size and type of liner for the size and type of fuel your fireplace uses. It’s the shoe analogy, just with much deeper implications.

Safety first

And one of those implications is safety. When you hire a professional for your fireplace installation, they’ll make sure that you can safely operate it all season long. A CSIA-certified technician will have a firm understanding of all aspects of our industry and working with them ensures that your family will stay safe while using your fireplace.

Utility connections

Your fireplace will use one of several types of fuel. If you choose to go with a natural gas-powered option, you will need to safely connect to your gas line. Simply put, attempting a DIY installation with this type of fireplace is not only risky, but it may also violate various safety codes within your specific jurisdiction.


Have you ever installed an outlet in your home, only to feel it looked off-center or (worse) you cut the hole in the drywall too big? These are relatively minor — cosmetic, if you will — home repairs that don’t have major implications.

However, building a chimney requires a careful understanding of how to handle masonry materials. Fireplace professionals go through extensive training so that, when they install your fireplace system, it’s done properly and looks visually appealing.


Did you know that despite being “solid”, masonry is actually rather porous? That’s a big reason why fireplace professionals will waterproof your chimney. They do this via three processes. The first is by applying a waterproof sealant to the outside of the brick. The second is with proper chimney flashing, a material that draws water away from the chimney.

The third is by ensuring you have a functional crown. Together, the three of these work to prevent water from causing premature deterioration of your masonry.

gas fireplace expert installation, manchester tnYour homes structure

Depending on the location of your fireplace, your chimney and flue may act as a central support structure within your home. This means that working with it as a part of a home DIY project could have broader implications for your home itself. Again, when you hire a professional for your fireplace installation, they will be able to make the adjustments to ensure safe fireplace use.

Hire a professional for your fireplace installation

These six reasons to hire a chimney sweep professional for your fireplace installation are only the beginning of ongoing chimney maintenance.

Our team will ensure that your home remains safe and that all necessary precautions are in place each time we visit your property.

Do you have a question for our team or would you like to book an appointment? Then call A-1 Chimney Specialist at 931-967-3595 (TN) or 256-285-4895 (AL); or send our team a message.