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Why You Need A Chase Cover

When rain or snow falls into your chimney, it can cause serious water damage over time. Many homeowners use chimney caps to keep water out, but if you live in an area with high levels of precipitation, you may need an even stronger waterproofing solution. This is where chase covers come in handy. In addition to protecting your chimney from water damage, chase covers are incredibly effective at keeping debris and pests out. In this article, we’ll take a look at what chase covers are and what the benefits are for your home.

Chimney Chase Cover in Madison TNWhat is a chase cover?

Chase covers are metal covers that sit on top of your chimney’s opening. The flue pipe sits on top of the chase cover, allowing smoke to flow out of the chimney.

Chase covers are most common in prefabricated chimneys with wood or vinyl siding, but they can be used on a variety of different chimney types. Many homeowners will opt to add chase covers to older chimneys for additional waterproofing.

Chase covers are often confused with chimney caps, but the two are structurally different. Chimney caps are different from chase covers in that they are made of mesh, rather than a sheet of metal.

Chimney caps are very effective at keeping pests, debris, and large quantities of snow out of your chimney, but they aren’t quite as effective at waterproofing as chase covers.

Chase covers are typically made with stainless steel or copper, with copper being the more expensive option. Both materials are very effective because they are very durable and are unlikely to rust over time. If you want your chase cover to match accents on the rest of your home, you can also find powder coated options.

Why are chase covers important?

If you live in an area that sees a lot of rain and snow throughout the year, using a chase cover is one of the most effective ways to protect your chimney from water damage. When water falls into your chimney, it can seep into the spaces between your brick and mortar. As this water freezes and thaws, it expands and contracts, which results in structural instability in your chimney. Installing a chase cover is a very effective way to keep water out of your chimney, prolonging its life span.

Chimney Chase Cover Installations in Sewanee TN

Additionally, chase covers are very effective for keeping animals and debris out of your chimney. This will make your chimney much easier to clean, and you also won’t have to worry about any hidden fire hazards.

It’s important to note that chase covers typically start to wear out after 20 years and need to be replaced. Make sure to have your chimney inspected regularly so you can identify and fix any potential problems.

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