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5 Advantages of a Fireplace Insert

Gas Fireplace Insert Installation in Franklin County, TennesseeNot surprising, the fireplace is one of the most popular features of a home. A glowing fire not only enhances the interior appearance, but it’s also a great way to relax and keep warm without running up those heating bills. But a traditional masonry fireplace produces a lot of pollution, is not very efficient, and may no longer look its best. If you fall into one of those camps, check out the five advantages that a fireplace insert offers:

Renovate your fireplace

Your fireplace may have the prime location in your home, but after years of performance, it may be starting to show its age. Renovating a deteriorating masonry fireplace can be a costly endeavor. Fireplace inserts are self-contained heating appliances that fit directly inside an existing masonry fireplace. It’s like getting a brand-new fireplace for a fraction of the cost.

Choice of fuel

Fireplace inserts offer many different fuel options, including wood, pellet, gas, and even electric. It makes converting an inefficient wood-burning masonry fireplace into an energy-efficient gas fireplace quick and easy.


And if you decide you want to switch to another fuel option in the future like pellet or wood or electric, it’s as easy as installing a new fireplace insert with the desired fuel option.

Works with or without an existing chimney

Perhaps, one of the most significant advantages of a fireplace insert is that they can operate with or without a chimney. A vented fireplace insert works like your existing masonry fireplace venting smoke and fumes through an existing chimney. But if your chimney is inoperable or too costly to repair, or if your home was built without a chimney, a ventless fireplace is another option. These self-contained heating appliances can be installed virtually anywhere in the house, even in small spaces.

Gas Fireplace Insert Installation in Franklin County, TennesseeOne of the drawbacks of a masonry fireplace is that they are a very inefficient source of heat. It’s because over 85% of the heated air is expelled through the chimney along with smoke and fumes. A fireplace insert works differently. Due to advanced technology and its self-contained design, up to 90% of the heated air remains inside the insert, where it radiates into the living space. It will keep your home warmer for a more extended period.

Less pollution

An EPA-Certified wood-burning fireplace insert produces 1 gram per hour (g/h) to 4 g/h of pollution, depending on the size and model. That’s approximately 20 times less pollution than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. Less pollution means less creosote build-up in the chimney, making chimney cleanings simpler.