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How Tall Should A Chimney Be?  

It’s all about airflow. Whether you have a fireplace or a pellet stove. If you have the wrong airflow for your chimney your home will fill with smoke. There are many factors to make your chimney work appropriately. The wood you choose must be seasoned. Good hard wood which has been seasoned over time is... Read more

Keeping You Informed Against Chimney Scams

It’s a crisp autumn evening in Lynchburg, TN. As the sweet scent of maple fills your home from the crackling fireplace, there is a knock at the door. A friendly-faced salesperson greets you with an offer for a “free” chimney inspection. While the deal might sound tempting, especially for homeowners with aging chimneys, buyers beware... Read more

Zero Clearance Fireplaces Explained

The joys of a beautiful, efficient fireplace have never been more accessible, thanks to zero-clearance aka ZC fireplaces. “Zero clearance fireplaces explained” is a resource we are happy to provide. After all, it makes sense to understand your available options. Enjoying the warmth and charm of indoor fires is possible in every space, large and... Read more

Signs Your Fireplace Damper Needs Repair

The purpose of a chimney damper is to control the flow of smoke through the chimney. If the chimney damper is broken, it can prevent you from using your fireplace effectively. The damper is usually made of iron or steel. The damper acts like a window allowing air to come in and out of your... Read more

Unlock the Power: Practical Uses and Surprising Benefits of Wood Stove Ashes!

Ash removal from a wood stove isn’t just dirty, precise work. There are many practical uses and surprising benefits of wood stove ashes. Unlocking the power of wood ash means you can save money and greatly enhance your life by putting those ashes to use. It’s easy once you realize that wood ashes have many... Read more