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Why Now Is the Time for a Chimney Inspection

Lighting a fire under yourself to accomplish spring cleaning is a great way to clear out a whole year of accumulated dust and clutter. While you’re at it, now is the time for a chimney inspection, too. You’ll get more than the satisfaction of cleanliness because a chimney inspection helps ensure fire safety in winter.... Read more

How To Get Soot Out Of The Carpet

Every wood-burning fireplace will have to deal with soot and ash at some point. As a normal by-product of burning anything, it can quickly pile up if you don’t routinely remove it from your firebox. Plus, it can be somewhat difficult to get soot out of carpet if any spills out. Let’s look closer at... Read more

Reasons Why Your Chimney May Be Leaking

As any homeowner knows, a small leak within your house can lead to major headaches. A lightly dripping pipe behind your wall can lead to mold. Likewise, a leaky chimney can lead to a wide range of issues, including interior damage and health problems. Here are five reasons why your chimney may be leaking. Reason... Read more

Chimney Sweeping History: How It All Began

Long ago, chimney sweeps were heroic symbols of “good hearth and good health” that restored fresh air in homes. But if they know chimney sweeping history and how it all began, chimney sweeps are surely happy their profession has evolved. After all, the person diagnosed with the first recorded case of industrial cancer in history... Read more

How Tall Should A Chimney Be?

When building a home, restoring an old chimney, or installing a fireplace system, a homeowner will sometimes wonder how tall should a chimney be. After all, a pipe is a pipe as long as the smoke has a way to escape, right? Actually, the answer is more complex than that. Let’s dive into the details... Read more