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Give Your Chimney Liner New Life With HeatShield®!

Here at A-1 Chimney Specialist, we’re committed to serving and satisfying our neighbors in Tullahoma and beyond. We work hard to make sure our customers have access to the best, most advanced, and most effective products and services, which is why we’re so proud to offer the revolutionary HeatShield® Chimney Repair & Resurfacing System! This product and service can resolve your chimney liner issues and restore the safety and efficiency of your chimney once again.

The Problem With A Damaged Liner

If your chimney liner isn’t smoke-tight, you can expect to experience an array of chimney issues, from smoke problems and carbon monoxide leaks to poor appliance performance, heat loss, and house fires. But replacing your clay tile liner can be a major undertaking and a major expense. Thanks to HeatShield®, you now have another option!




Heatshield chimney liner repair in Fayetteville, TN

HeatShield® Repair

This cerfractory sealant can be applied to the cracks or gaps in your chimney liner (using a specially designed and fitted foam applicator), so you can continue to enjoy your chimney and fireplace. We’ll start by cleaning and prepping your liner and placing the applicator just below the damaged area. Next, we’ll apply HeatShield®, using the applicator to press the product into the cracks and gaps for a sealed, smooth surface.


Heatshield liner repair system


HeatShield® Resurfacing

Have more extensive, widespread damage? HeatShield® can still help! Once again, we’ll start by cleaning and prepping your chimney liner. Next, we’ll place the foam applicator at the base of the chimney liner, pour in the HeatShield® cerfractory sealant, and pull the applicator up the length of the chimney liner. As the applicator moves up, it seals and covers all damage, leaving a smooth, smoke-tight surface.

Heatshield resurfacing system

Let Us Restore Your Liner With HeatShield®

Has a chimney inspection revealed a damaged flue liner? Don’t fret! Call on A-1 Chimney Specialist! Thanks to HeatShield®, we’ll have your clay tile liner looking and working like new in no time! We always double check all of our work by inspecting the interior of the liner with a video scanning system, so you can see the difference for yourself! To request your appointment, give us a call at 931-967-3595 . We look forward to making your fireside experience safer and more enjoyable than ever before!

Sometimes, a cast-in-place liner may be better for relining your chimney. If so, A-1 Chimney can help.