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Different Types Of Chimney Liners

Chimney liners serve an important role in keeping a chimney functioning efficiently. Not only do they protect the chimney from catching fire, but they help to prevent excess creosote build-up, as well. Another advantage is their ability to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the home. Being without a chimney liner is extremely unsafe and ensuring that yours is installed properly is important in chimney maintenance. If you do not have a chimney liner, then you should have one installed before lighting any new fires.

The decision to purchase a chimney liner is a no-brainer, but when it comes to picking out the right type things can get trickier. There are different types of liners to choose from, so educating yourself on each is important. Check out these options below.

Clay Liners

Clay tiles offer a cheaper option when it comes to liners and they definitely do a good job at protecting one’s home. As long as they are maintained on a regular basis, they will work well in any household. If you have an older fireplace, then a clay liner may the best choice for you.

The disadvantage of owning a clay liner is that they are much more likely to get cracked and damaged. They do not always adjust properly to the heat from the fireplace, thus causing negative reactions. This means a lot more required maintenance, as a fireplace should not be used if the flue is damaged. Also, often times these liners are not compatible with the more modern fireplaces now being offered.

chimney liner Huntsville ALMetal (Stainless Steel) Liners

Stainless steel liners are a durable and dependable option for any home and are compatible with a variety of fireplaces. They are great for repairs or resizing and will provide long-lasting results in any home. They also will not rust and, if installed properly, provide great protection, offering peace of mind to any homeowner.

Cast-In-Place Liners

If you are looking for something more permanent, then cast-in-place chimney liners are the best option for you. If you have pre-existing damage, this method allow for a cement-like product to seal any cracks or holes, thus offering you an efficient and smooth chimney lining. On top of this, they help to sturdy the overall structure of your chimney, making your home stronger, as a whole. The best part is they work with any type of fireplace, so you will not need to worry about further modifications.


At A-1 Chimney Specialist, we offer Heatshield which is a durable product used to ensure your chimney will last through anything. It seals cracks and other forms of damage, offering top-of-the-line protection throughout anything. We believe in this product and our trained professionals will ensure that it is applied properly, keeping your home and family safe for years to come.

If you need some help with your chimney lining, then we are the ones to turn to. Give us a call, stop on by, or visit our website today, and schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting all of your fireplace needs!