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Need Your Gas Fireplace Inspected?

For many homeowners with gas fireplaces, inspections are the last thing on their to-do list. Because these appliances are so easy to use and essentially mess-free, it’s easy to forget about investing in regular professional fireplace maintenance! The truth is, these appliances need annual inspections, just like their wood-burning counterparts. In fact, no matter which fuel type you use, a yearly check-up is always something you’ll want to invest in to ensure everything is running as safely and smoothly as possible!

Addressing Debris Build-Up

Cleaning gas fireplaceWe want our customers to live with peace of mind and comfort year after year, and investing in regular chimney and fireplace maintenance is a sure-fire way to do just that! Before you put your unit to use this winter, call us in for an inspection. Our CSIA certified sweeps won’t let you down!

One issue we’ll look for is build-up. We get that gas fireplaces burn more efficiently than wood-burning fireplaces, but that doesn’t mean that build-up can’t occur. Toxins and other acidic deposits are using your chimney to exit the home, and all of those fumes can cause debris to form. Clogs and other build-up causes your system to function less efficiently, and they trigger decay and deterioration, too.

In the long run, you’ll be much better off investing in yearly inspections and regular sweepings than breaking the bank on expensive repair costs down the line. We want you to trust in our experienced staff to sweep your chimney this winter! We have extensive experience working with gas appliances, and we’ve accumulated countless satisfied customers throughout the 19 years we’ve been in business – turn to us today!

Be Wary Of Leaks

Build-up isn’t the only thing to concern yourself with. Gas appliances can form leaks from time to time and catching them early is vital for the health of your fireplace, home, and family. The last thing anyone wants is for their loved ones to inhale harmful toxins that could result in some serious illnesses. Count on us to handle any necessary repairs, so you can enjoy your fireplace to the fullest year after year!

The Time To Call Is Now!

To top it off, yearly maintenance allows your system to function as efficiently as possible. The use of a gas fireplace can work wonders in heating a room, lowering energy bills, and creating that perfect aesthetic throughout the colder months. If you’re not getting the heat and efficiency you’re looking for, we can help you out. After all, we believe our customers deserve the best!

With a long winter still ahead of us, it’s best to get that inspection in now, before you put your fireplace to lots of use. Save yourself time, stress, and money down the line by counting on our highly experienced staff now! Call A-1 Chimney Specialist today – we can’t wait to help you out soon!