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Shelbyville TN Chimney Inspection – We Spot Chimney Damage & Get It Fixed Early

How often do you have your Shelbyville chimney professionally inspected? If the answer is less than once a year, you could be putting your home and family at risk. Chimney fires and structural damage often can be prevented by the right type of maintenance and repairs – but only if you know about problems early.

What a Chimney Inspector Does

Our licensed, certified chimney inspectors look closely at your chimney masonry and components. We can spot early signs of damage a lot easier than the average homeowner, and we’re able to tell you exactly what is needed to resolve the situation. Age and use are two of the main factors that affect chimneys throughout the Shelbyville area.

chimney inspection in Shelbyville TN

An experienced chimney inspector will check for:

  • Lightning strikes
  • House-settling
  • Faulty chimney footing
  • Inferior bricks and mortar used to build the chimney
  • Acidic creosote in the flue
  • Pounding hail storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Water damage from a leaky chimney

we fix damaged chimney in Shelbyville TN

Spotting Damage to Your Shelbyville TN Chimney

You can identify certain types of chimney damage yourself. Look for:

  • Water in the firebox
  • Crumbling bricks or mortar
  • Strong, musty odors coming from the fireplace
  • Damp sections of walls or the ceiling near the fireplace/chimney
  • White discoloration on the exterior chimney masonry
  • Chimney leaning to one side

If you notice any of these signs, schedule a chimney inspection as soon as possible.

Types of Chimney Inspections

Because chimneys can suffer a wide range of problems, three levels of inspection have been outlined by the Chimney Safety Institute of America to address all types of issues. We offer all three to our Shelbyville customers.

Level 1:

The basic chimney inspection that covers visible areas of the chimney structure and its components such as the masonry, chimney cap, chimney liner, chimney crown, smoke chamber, smoke shelf and more.

Level 2:

An inspection that uses video imaging technology and is performed when:

  • You’re selling your home
  • A chimney fire has occurred
  • A new appliance is being connected to the chimney or some other modification is taking place

Level 3:

This inspection is needed if significant damage to the chimney is known to exist – often discovered during a previous inspection. Level 3 chimney inspections typically involve removing parts of the chimney structure and adjacent home building materials.

camera chimney inspection in Shelbyville TN

Solving Chimney Problems in Shelbyville

If a proper inspection of your Shelbyville chimney turns up problems that need to be addressed, A1 Chimney Specialist is ready and able to perform every type of chimney repair.

  • Chimney liner repair and installation (stainless steel, cast-in-place, clay)
  • Heatshield liner repair
  • Masonry repair – brick replacement, tuckpointing, waterproofing
  • Chimney rebuilding – partial and complete
  • Cement chimney crown repair and rebuilding
  • Chimney cap/chimney chase top repair and replacement
  • Chimney flashing repair and installation
  • Smoke shelf repair/smoke chamber parging
  • Fireplace damper repair and replacement
  • Firebox repair

We’re here to help you get a jump on early signs of chimney damage and keep your chimney system safe and efficient all year long. If it’s been more than a year since your Shelbyville chimney was last inspected, call the experts at A1 Chimney Specialist today at (931) 492-9099.

We serve homeowners by installing heating appliances & servicing chimneys in the greater Shelbyville, TN, area including Anchor Mill, TN, Bell Buckle, TN, Wartrace TN, Wheel, TN, Unionville, TN, Fosterville, TN, and other local communities.