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The Different Ways We Can Reline Your Chimney

Knowing the function and purpose of your chimney liner is important, and getting a faulty liner repaired as soon as possible makes a big difference in keeping your home safer. Learn more about chimney liners from our team, then keep reading to discover the various ways we can restore or reline yours, should things be breaking down. Our CSIA-certified experts know their stuff!chimney liner TN Valley

What Do Chimney Liners Do?

Chimney liners are vital for maintaining an efficient and well-functioning fireplace. They need to be fitted just right to ensure proper air flow, less creosote accumulation, and added safety from potentially harmful gases, like carbon monoxide. Along with this, they protect combustible materials in your home from catching fire, which is a likely possibility when a proper barrier is not in place.

Liners also ensure the acidic gases produced in your fireplace can’t eat away at your brickwork and mortar. This compromises the structural integrity of your entire system, and it makes you much more vulnerable to water damage, gas leaks, settlements, collapses, and more.

What We Offer

Are you ready to have your liner repaired and restored? Well, we’re here for you! No matter what type of chimney you have, we have the tools and expertise to ensure the job gets done right. One material many homeowners invest in, due to its affordability and reliable nature, is a clay tile chimney liner. These types are very effective and will ensure added safety and extra efficiency. Keep in mind, though, that they must be regularly maintained in order to stand the test of time and keep things running well. They also aren’t typically the best fit for gas appliances, so you may want to consider an alternative if this is the case for you

Next up is a stainless steel option. As you may guess, these are the right choice for any homeowner looking for ultimate strength and durability. They don’t rust, they work well with any fuel type, and they come with a lifetime warranty. Talk with our experts right away if you think this is the right option for you. We’ll set you up right before burning season begins again!

Cast-in-place liners are another great option for those looking for something long-lasting and highly durable. In fact, these are typically a more permanent option for those who need an entire relining job done, and it will take some time to get everything set up. That being said, the seamless, streamlined results are well-worth the extra time and money spent. Questions? Contact us today.

Finally, for those simply looking to have their current liner repaired or resurfaced, we offer FireGuard. This produce is designed to fill in any cracks, holes, or other types of damage, so your chimney works better for you year after year. Our sweeps will double check any work we perform with our video inspection system, so you can rest easier knowing you’ve invested in a job well done!

Ready to get started? Don’t wait until fall. Call now at 931-967-3595 , so you’re all set! Our sweeps are ready to help you out.