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The Science of Combustion

You need three things to create fire – oxygen, fuel and heat. Believe it or not, both chemistry and physics play a critical role. The Science of Combustion Read more

Converting from Wood to Gas

Just the thought of converting a classic wood-burning fireplace to gas is borderline blasphemous to some fireplace purists. You can liken it to vinyl records — as the needle strikes the vinyl, there’s a faint hiss, as though the record player were a hotplate, with music notes sizzling in place of bacon and eggs. Then,... Read more

Keep Mold Out Of Your Chimney

It’s no secret that mold in your home that lives anywhere outside your blue cheese salad dressing is a bad, bad thing. Any part of your home that’s susceptible to moisture intrusion is susceptible to mold — your bathrooms, your ceilings and yes, your leaky chimney too. You don’t want to deal with mold growth... Read more

A Chimney Guide

It won’t be too long now before a certain jolly man brings gifts into your home via your chimney. So what exactly is a chimney? When most people think of chimneys, they’re really envisioning fireplaces. Since the dawn of civilization, humans have gathered around open fires for a sense of safety and community. Keep reading... Read more

This Danger is Silent

All About Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Have you experienced unexplainable bouts of nausea, feeling light-headed especially when you’re inside and magically feeling a lot better when you are outside your home where you can breathe in fresh air? You may have been poisoned by carbon monoxide – an odorless, tasteless and unseen gas circulating in your... Read more