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Huntsville AL Chimney Cleaning & Chimney Sweep | CSIA-Certified Chimney Cleaning Technicians

Chimney Service in Huntsville, AL,

It’s not hard to keep your chimney safe and performing as you expect it to. Annual chimney cleaning by CSIA-certified chimney sweeps is an important step toward this outcome. Huntsville, Alabama, residents trust A-1 Chimney Specialist to keep their chimneys clean and safe. We serve all of Huntsville as well as Madison, AL, Meridianville, AL, Owens Cross Roads, AL, Big Cove, AL, New Hope, AL, and other communities in north Alabama.

Chimney sweep in Huntsville ALWhat Do Chimney Sweeps Do?

Professionals who perform chimney cleaning use a variety of specialized tools and pieces of equipment to safely remove creosote from the inside of chimney flues. When you burn wood in your fireplace, creosote forms and clings to the chimney liner. Left unaddressed, this flammable substance can build up to the point your home is at risk for a major chimney fire.

A number of tools are available in the chimney cleaning industry. They include:

  • Chimney sweep rods
  • Stainless steel and flat wire chimney cleaning brushes
  • Chimney sweeping whips
  • Cable deglaze whips
  • Chain whips
  • Commercial chimney vacuums
  • Hand scrubbers
  • Cleaning solvents

fireplace Cleaning in Huntsville, AL,Can I Clean My Own Chimney?

We’re asked this question from time to time, and the most accurate answer is: probably not.

The tools listed above and other pieces of chimney cleaning equipment are not things the average person can pick up and use safely and effectively “out of the box.” Chimney sweeps who clean chimneys for a living have gone through quite a bit of training and supervision before they’re considered ready to take on a chimney cleaning project by themselves.

CSIA-Certified Chimney Cleaning Technicians

Earning the title “Certified Chimney Sweep” from the Chimney Safety Institute of America isn’t simple or quick.

The title is given only to chimney service professionals who have passed stringent exams and demonstrated a high level of knowledge about chimneys and venting systems. CSIA-certified chimney sweeps don’t stop there. They’re committed to ongoing training and education to remain on the cutting edge of their professions. In addition, all certified technicians have taken a pledge to provide ethical and honest service to their customers and never rely on shortcuts.

How Chimney Cleaning Benefits Your Huntsville, AL, Home

Having your chimney professionally cleaned once a year brings you three very important benefits:

chimney and fireplace maintenance Huntsville, AL,Reduced risk of chimney fire: The majority of chimney fires each year in the U.S. are started by creosote that has ignited. The risk to your Huntsville home is greatly reduced when one of our certified chimney sweeps handles the cleaning. Remember: not all chimney fires are large and noticeable – some start and go out on their own. But all chimney fires can damage the chimney liner, masonry and nearby parts of the home.

Obstructions removed: When an accumulation of small-animal nests, falling tree debris and other obstructions exists within your flue, smoke won’t draft properly and may back up into the home. The biggest danger of smoke is that it carries deadly carbon monoxide.


Damage detection: Chimney cleaning is often paired with a thorough chimney inspection. Your technician can examine your entire chimney system including interior and exterior masonry, the chimney liner, chimney cap, flashing and more. If early signs of trouble are present, you’ll be able to get them fixed without paying for a major repair project later on.

If it’s been some time since your last chimney cleaning, now would be a good time to schedule a visit with one of A-1’s certified chimney sweeps. Get more information or arrange an appointment at your Huntsville, AL, home by calling (256) 285-4895.