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Huntsville AL Chimney Repair | Chimney Liner, Chimney Masonry, Chimney Crown Repair & More | We Fix Leaky Chimneys

Chimney repair in Huntsville, AL,

Whatever is wrong with your chimney, the CSIA-certified chimney experts at A-1 Chimney Specialist in Huntsville, Alabama, know how to fix it. We’ve been a trusted chimney repair solution since 2001 for homeowners in Huntsville as well as Hazel Green, AL, Madison, AL, New Market, AL, Harvest, AL, and Gurley, AL. Help is available now by calling (256) 285-4895.

chimney restoration in Huntsville AL

How Chimney Repair Saves You Money

When parts of a chimney begin to fail, the situation won’t reverse itself. Rather, more and more damage eventually will happen, and this can add up to a sizeable repair, reconstruction or rebuilding bill down the line. By having your Huntsville chimney inspected annually and repaired when necessary, your chimney and its components will keep working safely and efficiently. The money you spend on basic repairs is nothing compared to what a full-scale chimney restoration project could cost you.

Do You Have Problems With a Leaky Chimney?

Leaky chimneys, unfortunately, are fairly common. Cracks in the mortar joints, spalling bricks, a damaged chimney crown, warped roof flashing and more can allow water to penetrate the system. Once inside, moisture can cause masonry decay and damage to vulnerable areas of the home near the chimney. A-1 provides expert chimney leak repair and inspection services throughout the Huntsville region. If your chimney is leaking, we’ll put a stop to it.

 Chimney Tuck-pointing in Huntsville, ALChimney Masonry Work & Tuckpointing

Water, lightning strikes, house-settling, pounding wind and hail and extreme weather temperatures all can play a part in damaging chimney masonry. We have two concerns when inspecting a chimney for structural damage:

1. Significant brick decay, which can cause the chimney to lean or collapse

2. Compromised areas within the masonry that are letting in water

In some cases, we can address damaged chimney masonry with tuckpointing, a process where we scrape out crumbling areas of brick and mortar and add a strong new compound to restore strength to the chimney structure.


In cases of severe damage, our skilled masons can rebuild parts or all of the chimney to give it new life.

Chimney Waterproofing

If there are minor cracks in the masonry of your Huntsville chimney, chimney waterproofing might be the perfect solution. This application will prevent new water from infiltrating the system and causing damage and decay. However, it will not fix a chimney that’s already unsound.


Other Chimney Repair Services in Huntsville, AL

Chimney liner repair: We repair chimney liners that are cracked or split and could put combustible materials of the home at risk of fire. We also install new stainless steel, clay and poured-in-place chimney liners.

Chimney crown repair: The cement chimney crown covers the entire top of the chimney except for the flue openings and protects the system from water damage. A cracked chimney crown needs to be repaired. Severely damaged crowns should be rebuilt.

Chimney chase top repair: Found atop factory-made chimneys, chase tops are prone to rust and decay over time. Chase tops, like chimney crowns, add a layer of protection to your chimney. We repair and replace chimney chase tops.

We also repair and service:

  • Chimney caps
  • Fireplace dampers
  • Smoke shelves
  • Smoke chambers (parging)
  • Fireboxes
  • Chimney flashing

 Chimney Tuck-pointing in Huntsville, ALStart With a Certified Chimney Inspection

Getting the right chimney repairs done as soon as they’re needed starts with a certified chimney inspection. When our trained inspectors look at your chimney system and components, we’re able to spot early signs of damage and get them repaired before the problem becomes extensive. Our inspectors are nationally certified, licensed and bonded.

Call A-1 in Huntsville

For the best in chimney repair, chimney cleaning and chimney inspection services, call an A-1 Chimney Specialist expert today at (256) 285-4895.